Animal Magnetism: X-Men Movie Fiction and Fanart
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This is the library of X-Men fanfiction written by Jordanna Morgan. See About Ani*Mag for some ground rules about the settings and premises of these stories.

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Chaptered Stories
Arranged in alphabetical order

The personal journey of Henry McCoy—as a mutant, and as a man.

The Giving Season
In a houseful of mutants, some Christmas wishes don’t come true easily.

A Haunting in Westchester
Chaos ensues when Xavier permits the students to take part in a haunted house.

Arranged in alphabetical order

Animal Psychology
Hank tries to define his relationship with the other feral mutant at Xavier’s School.

April Fools
A late-night conversation over potato chips, pranks and paperwork.

Away From the Sun
Beneath different shadows, Scott and Logan share the same darkness.

Be Somebody
Bobby Drake remembers.

Big Bad Wolf
Sometimes all that huffing and puffing is really just hot air, after all.

Black Fire
A dark encounter changes the course of Logan’s existence. (Alternate Universe)

Chasing Rabbits
A morning taken up by ablutions, reflections, and other matters meant to be private.
A Christmas Tail
An extra appendage meets a snow shovel… and therein hangs a tail.
Kurt Wagner indulges in a beautiful spring day outdoors.
Cyclops and the Color Bandits
The search for a waylaid kitchen product puts Scott on the trail of a mystery.
Damascus Road
The road to destiny is paved with bitter indifference… or is it?
Diamonds for Breakfast
To fulfill his daughter’s Christmas wish, Scott Summers makes some personal sacrifices.
The girls have an unlikely coach when they practice for the school spelling bee.

Kurt Wagner receives a surprising confirmation of his beliefs.

Evidence of Love
Less than emotion—more than words.
Not all parents find the prestigious Xavier School worthy of their approval.
A summer evening gives Logan pause to consider generations old and new.
Jean searches for a change in Logan after the events on Liberty Island.
Gathering Storm
When a Storm breaks, compassion becomes a delicate balance.
Hand and Glove
Logan contemplates a forbidden act of kindness.
On a sleepless night, Bobby expands his education.
In earthquake-ravaged Haiti, a boy watches the unfolding of an extraordinary rescue mission.
A Little Sorrowed Talk
Logan is tired of the rain, and Ororo is simply tired.
Lost Highway
Sometimes our random choices can be the most important ones of all.
Many Happy Returns
Rogue plots a surprise for a friend—so why does Jubilee have misgivings?
An alternate history: what if Logan had escaped from Alkali Lake with his memories intact?
Logan finds something special beneath the Christmas tree.
Persona Non Grata
An X-Men/Dark Shadows crossover. Logan tracks a mutant runaway to Collinsport, Maine.
After Alkali Lake, the X-Men slowly begin to pick up the pieces.
Storm cleans up after the death of Senator Kelly.
Rogue Justice
Rogue takes vengeance into her own hands… literally.
Safety First
An old piece of advice comes back to haunt Rogue.
Logan helps Scott in an unexpected way.
Young mutants ponder life, death, and reality TV.
Unto the Least of These
Alone in his church sanctuary on Christmas Eve, Kurt Wagner looks to his future.

Past Imperfect Series
Arranged in reverse chronological order

Last Call
Sergeant Lyman reflects on his fateful acquaintance with Wolverine.
When I’m Gone
Every man has his reasons.
Christmas Eve, 1945: the War is over, but for one mutant, there is little peace.
A young soldier’s nightmare begins.
Sole Survivor
An old soldier relives a nightmare.

Arranged in alphabetical order

Some people can’t begin to imagine the true meaning of the word.
The First Time
Kurt has his doubts about what Logan is getting him into…
My Last Breath
A drabbleset songfic. Scott feels compelled to revisit Alkali Lake.
Power Trip
Being Hank McCoy’s lover was all about power.
Safe Corridors
How Kitty Pryde learned her way around the school.
Logan doesn’t know his age, but in the back of his mind, there’s an awareness that he’s old.
With You Here
Colossus contemplates after the invasion of the school.