Animal Magnetism: X-Men Movie Fiction and Fanart
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Since I first stumbled into the X-Men fandom in 2003, it has become my most prolific subject for fanfiction. I have a distinct preference for Wolverine, but I enjoy most of the characters. This website is my personal archive for stories, fanart, and other mutant toys that Iíve collected along the way.

Over time Iíve developed my own unique interpretation of the X-Men movieverse, so before you delve into my fiction, here are a few helpful points to be aware of.

1. Iíve never read any comic books, and I have no intention of starting. This site is strictly about the X-Men movieverse. If anything turns up that isnít, itís either based on knowledge I absorbed from reading other peopleís fan fiction, or is entirely coincidental.

2. Unless otherwise noted, my fiction should be read with the idea that Jean Grey got on the ruddy plane at the end of X2, and that the train wreck referred to as X3 never happened. (The only thing I have accepted from that film is Beast.)

3. I will not create fanart or write stories that involve slash pairings of any kind. So don't ask.

4. There are five X-Men romantic pairings I approve of: Storm/Nightcrawler, Jean/Cyclops, Rogue/Iceman, ShadowCat/Colossus, and Mystique/Magneto. I do not like any other pairings of canon characters. (That does not mean, however, that other characters wonít see some romance if I happen to take to the notion.)

5. Plot bunnies need to be fed. Contact me! Tell me what you like or dislike (constructively) about my fiction or fanart. Ask me questions. Heck, Iím even open to story ideas. In any case, if you drop me a line, Iíll do my best to answer.

6. The customary legal babble: The X-Men belong to Marvel and 20th Century Fox. They are used here affectionately, without profit, for entertainment purposes only. Drop the knives.