Vive la Résistance: The Save Jack Campaign

"That’s the kind of zipadee-doo-dah that makes today’s young people so darned interesting."

In the year 2000, while JoAT was at its peak, there was a strong fan movement to have the series renewed for a second season. While this effort was ultimately not successful, it is remembered by those involved as a very special experience that forged lasting friendships. Through this website, I had the honor and pleasure of playing a significant role, and it remains one of my fondest memories.

The main crux of the campaign was a push to write letters to Studios USA, which was supported by many websites who helped to spread the word. (Although many of these sites are now gone, you can find the remaining "Save Jack" supporter links at the bottom of this page.) Following the lead of other anti-cancellation campaigns, JoAT fans began to show their solidarity by including a specific small item with their letters—in this case, plastic cocktail swords. I became responsible for yet another signature of the campaign when I created a stationery with the Governor Croque’s Study logo, which fans soon began using to write their letters.

The stationery had unexpected effects; I was soon emailed by a SUSA employee who had gained my site address from it, and was curious about the little plastic swords being sent in with the letters. Bruce Campbell later said that even the series stars had used the stationery to write to each other.

A less important but fun challenge I introduced to the fans was the now-defunct Global 100 polling site, where people could vote for their favorite TV shows, celebrities, and so on. Both JoAT and Bruce Campbell peaked well within the top ten during the campaign, and links to the polls were sent to SUSA as another indicator of JoAT’s popularity.

Throughout the campaign, Bruce remained communicative with fans through the forum at the series’ official site. In September of 2000, it was he who notified us that JoAT would not be renewed. That message, as well as a word of thanks from Stuart "Governor Croque" Devenie, remains archived; they can be read at the links below.

I have also made an effort to help preserve JoAT by providing tape copies, something I still do upon request. I even made tapes without charge for New Zealand actors who appeared in the series as extras, and in return, they had the great kindness to share with me their own personal photos from their time on the set.

In the final analysis, JoAT fans invested a tremendous amount of effort and love in their fandom—and although it was not enough to save the series, it was well worth it for the friendships made, and for the unique interest and appreciation shown by the cast. It was a great feeling to be able to say thank you, and to have that thanks returned.

Vive la Résistance!

Messages from the JoAT stars:
Bruce Campbell || Stuart Devenie

Peak placement of Global 100 entries:
Jack Of All Trades - #5 || Bruce Campbell - #6

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