Note: This webring was originally created by DragonJen. Thanks, Jen!

Ahoy Matey! Welcome to the homepage of the Jack of all Trades FanRing. All the sites in this ring are dedicated to the Bruce Campbell television series Jack of all Trades, and are maintained by true fans.

If you would like to join this ring, there are a few rules and requirements that you must respect. If you do not respect these requests, your site will not be added to the ring. These rules are fairly simple:

1. Your page must have content. Pages will be checked for useful content, and if none can be found, they will be dropped. We donít accept pages that consist of nothing but links.

2. No pornography, illegal matierial, hacking or warez instructions, or hate propaganda. If profanity makes up a good half of the content of your site, you will also be dropped.

To join the ring, use the form below, then copy the HTML code you receive and add it to your site. You must place the fragment on your site before it will be added to the ring.

If you have any questions, email me.

Submit a site to the Jack of All Trades FanRing
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The HTML fragment should look like this on your site:

This Jack of All Trades FanRing site is owned by YOUR NAME.
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