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Bruce Campbell Online
Official homepage of the man behind the mask.

The Jack Stiles World Order
HBKid’s excellent fan page.

World O’ Jack’s One-Liners
A fan site dedicated to Jack’s biting wit.

The Jack of All Trades Compendium
Margui’s great site includes the Nitpicker’s Guide.

Augustodunum: Jack of All Trades
Fellow "Save Jack" leader August’s site.

Jack of All Trades @ Yahoo Groups
The original discussion list, run by August.

Jack of All Trades Czech Tribute
An excellent site, partially in English.

The Highwayman
A gallery of screencaps from several episodes.

Jack & Em’s Boudoir
The first JoAT fan fiction site, by Ari.

Em’s Day Dreams
TeenageScully’s fan fiction site.

The Jack of All Trades Repository
Bummer’s fan fiction site.

Jack of All Trades DVD Petition
A petition to have the series released on DVD.


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