February 5, 2019: A new young-Elrics ficlet called Oops has been added to the Drabbles section.

January 9, 2019: Added a mischievous new wallpaper featuring Ed and Al.

December 9, 2018: Added a very small ficlet called Misinformed to the Drabbles section.

October 4, 2018: It's a tiny bit belated, but this year I finally managed another 3 October ficlet, Resembool Green.

July 30, 2018: Finally, a new one-shot! In Ominous, Ed pays an unusually quiet visit to Team Mustang.

April 10, 2018: New one-shot. In For Lack of a Better Name, Ed poses one of FMA's most enduring questions.

April 1, 2018: No April Fool's Day joke—it's another new ficlet in the Drabbles. Step Two takes a brief glimpse at Edward's very first attempt at alchemy.

March 19, 2018: New fic addition in the Drabbles. Paternal Hypergraphia finds the Elrics visiting one room inside the Hughes home that they've never seen before…

February 7, 2018: Another new addition to the Drabbles section. Study Break is a little childhood interlude with Ed and Al.

January 24, 2018: Another new micro-ficlet. In Within Reach, even Ed's height issues become a reminder of what he's fighting for.

January 8, 2018: We start the year with No Frills, a pre-canon Winry ficlet in the Drabbles section.

December 27, 2017: The last update of the year brings us New Year's Eve, an introspective seasonal one-shot.

December 3, 2017: A quick fic update brings the new 360-word ficlet, Better to Have It and Not Need It….

November 23, 2017: Finally, an update! Today the Drabbles section has a new 250-word ficlet, Overreaction.

September 14, 2017: This double-update brings you a new one-shot titled Cryptic, as well as a new wallpaper featuring Ed and Al.

July 18, 2017: New one-shot. A Thoughtful Husband is a little pre-canon tale about Hohenheim coming home to his young family.

July 10, 2017: New one-shot. In The Wrong Pocket, Ed once again finds trouble by accident.

June 18, 2017: New one-shot. In Professional Pride, Ed needs a little help putting his best foot forward.

June 10, 2017: New one-shot. Slow Burn finds Ed and Al dealing with a deranged alchemist, as usual.

May 29, 2017: And another wallpaper, which is a variation on the previous one.

May 10, 2017: A great big new wallpaper, featuring poolside Ed.

May 4, 2017: And another Winry-centric micro-ficlet, titled Better Left Unsaid.

April 19, 2017: New drabble ficlet. Dedication is a glimpse of Winry during her time in Rush Valley.

April 10, 2017: One new wallpaper, featuring Ed.

March 30, 2017: New one-shot. Ed's Doggone Day finds our hero's troubles taking on a strangely recurrent theme.

March 27, 2017: New one-shot. In Form Follows Function, Ed has a startling proposal for Al.

March 24, 2017: New drabble. In Due Credit, Mustang sees the flaw in Ed's solution to a little problem.

March 22, 2017: New ficlet. In Kindness, Al gets a chance to do a little act thereof aboard a train.

March 4, 2017: New kid!Elrics ficlet. In Applesauce, Ed is doing something he probably shouldn't, as usual.

February 20, 2017: New Ed/Noa one-shot. Sunny Side Up finds Ed doing something kind for Noa in the middle of the night.

February 5, 2017: A quick new one-shot. Formal Wear is a 500-word ficlet about the Elrics preparing to look their best.

January 29, 2017: Two new ficlets today! In the one-shot Hero Worship, Ed and Al meet a young alchemist who has made a startling claim—and in the drabble A Jones For Trouble, Ed gives us his version of a certain famous movie scene. *g*

December 18, 2016: New one-shot. When Fishing For A Whale… is a dose of gooey Elric brotherly love.

December 10, 2016: New ficlet. Insignificant Details is just a little 300-word humor piece in the Drabbles section.

November 23, 2016: Added one new wallpaper, featuring Lust.

November 5, 2016: New ficlet. Notches is a small moment of introspection for Ed on Yock Island.

October 19, 2016: New one-shot. Watcher is yet another introspective little glimpse of Al's perspective on the world.

September 21, 2016: Two new fics! In Helping Hand, the Elrics meet a familiar face post-Conqueror of Shamballa. In the drabble Misstep, Izumi is observant.

September 13, 2016: New ficlet. In Accolade, Ed is less than enthused about finally getting some recognition.

August 24, 2016: And another new fic! Luxury finds Ed enjoying the chance to indulge in a simple pleasure.

August 20, 2016: New fic. A Sign is a post-“Blood Ties” one-shot in which the Elric brothers go house-hunting.

July 22, 2016: Added three new fanart images to the Image Manipulations page.

July 11, 2016: New fic. Hurt is a one-shot exploring the first time Al's armor is damaged.

June 20, 2016: New one-shot. Occupational Therapy is the latest in my many explorations of the Elric brothers' post-transmutation adjustments.

June 10, 2016: The Awards page now features the first-place banner won by my ficlet Needed.

May 30, 2016: New fic. In Fruitful Endeavors, I finally explore the idea of a pairing between Russell Tringham and Rose Thomas, which is something I have long wanted to do.

May 22, 2016: New one-shot. Needed takes a look at the story of the Elric brothers from a very unusual point of view. (It was another first-place winner at Fandom Weekly, too!)

May 4, 2016: New ficlet. Substitution finds Al figuring out a new way to play a game with Elicia. (At under four hundred words, it is located in the Drabbles section.)

April 29, 2016: New one-shot ficlet. Stronger is a brief (and somewhat ironic) brotherly moment, set during the young Elric brothers' training with Izumi.

April 10, 2016: New one-shot fic. In Birthday Wish, Ed gives Al an unexpected sort of birthday treat. This one is a milestone as my one hundredth FMA fic!

March 29, 2016: New one-shot fic. Souls' Night finds the Elrics, Winry, and Mustang receiving a special thank-you after they help an old Ishbalan woman.

March 23, 2016: The Awards page now features the first-place banner won by my most recent ficlet, Someday.

March 21, 2016: New ficlet. Someday offers Alphonse's perspective on the Elric brothers' travels. This story won first place at the Fandom Weekly prompt challenge!

March 4, 2016: And another new drabble. Wake-Up Call is a brief little moment of early-morning Elric brotherliness.

February 22, 2016: New drabble! Reach Out and Annoy Someone is a humorous little ficlet examining the consequences for Mustang when Hughes becomes a father.

February 6, 2016: A double fic update! More is a new Ed/Noa one-shot in the Home is Where You Are collection, and Noisy is a brotherly ficlet focusing on Al and Ed.

January 26, 2016: New Ed/Noa ficlet! Osmosis is, of course, an entry in the Home is Where You Are collection.

January 6, 2016: My first FMA fic release of 2016 is Literary Torture, a bit of humor featuring the Elric brothers and Winry.

November 1, 2015: A new Halloween horror fic! Dog of the Military was my entry for the 2015 Spook Me challenge.

October 10, 2015: And another new ficlet! Sugar and Caffeine is a sweet little Elric-brothers scene, written as my assignment for the 2015 Trick Or Treat Exchange.

October 3, 2015: After several months of working on longform fics (and smaller works in other fandoms), I finally have a new one-shot. October Fourth is a fic for the occasion of 3 October, as well as a fill for the prompt Everything Changes at Genprompt Bingo.

March 27, 2015: Added one new wallpaper, featuring Edward.

March 21, 2015: Added a new five-chapter story that has been in the works for more than two years. Blood Brothers is an alternative outcome to my epic Blood Ties, exploring one way in which events after the battle with Envy could have unfolded very differently.

February 10, 2015: Added a new ficlet, Colors, to the Home is Where You Are collection. This is my traditional Ed/Noa offering for Valentine's Day, as well as celebrating the fifth anniversary of my very first FMA fic. (Which was Lullaby, if anyone is wondering.)

January 30, 2015: In the last week I have added five new wallpapers to the gallery, featuring either Edward alone, or Ed and Al.

January 9, 2015: My annual contributions to the Fandom Stocking gift exchange have been added to the archive. There are three one-shots: Web, Tangled, and Styled.

November 24, 2014: Another day and another fic, as I try to catch up with some prompts near the end of a fic bingo round. Snow Globes, based on the eponymous prompt, is an Ed/Noa tale about the Elrics' first Christmas as a new family. It can be found in the Home is Where You Are collection.

November 23, 2014: A short little ficlet has been added to the Drabbles section. Good Students was written for the prompt teacher, so naturally, it concerns Izumi.

October 24, 2014: And another new Halloween-challenge fic fill. The Animal is an odd bit of comedy, in which Ed finds that Breda has been given an unusual task.

October 23, 2014: More new fic! Vexation is another entry for a Halloween fic exchange. This one is a bit of comic fluff, featuring the Elric brothers, Mustang, and Hawkeye.

October 7, 2014: New fic, albeit a rather dark one. Him is the ninth entry in the Things That Never Happened series. It is also a gift fic for a Halloween exchange—and it fills a whopping total of three different fic bingo prompts, as well.

August 3, 2014: Just added a quick two icons. (One Edward, one Ed/Noa.)

July 15, 2014: Added a fic that is rather missing some context, as it takes place a few decades in the future beyond Blood Ties (and it references some events from the as-yet unwritten sequel to that story). Still, it may be of interest to Tiesverse followers: Keep Moving Forward, written for the prompt futurefic at Genprompt Bingo.

July 3, 2014: Another bingo-fill fic. Poor Little Rich Girl, featuring the Elric brothers and Nina, is written for the prompt rich and poor at Genprompt Bingo.

July 1, 2014: The fic spree continues. My Cotton Candy Bingo line is completed with Reasons, a little fic that finds Al and Noa establishing the nature of their relationship. I was considering a similar scene for my planned sequel to Blood Ties, but now that it's a one-shot instead, it takes its place in the Home is Where You Are series.

June 29, 2014: And more new fic! (Because bingo deadline.) Warmth is a cozy bit of Ed/Noa fluff, filling the prompts sharing body heat for Cotton Candy Bingo, and furnishing the home for Genprompt Bingo. Tokens of Affection is also for Cotton Candy Bingo, based on the prompt made this for you.

June 28, 2014: New longform fic! Reawakening is a continuation of my Things That Never Happened one-shot Rebirth, exploring how Edward has grown up again as a child of the Curtis family—and what happens when the past begins to catch up with him.

May 14, 2014: Added a new wallpaper featuring Ed and Al.

May 7, 2014: New one-shot. Lessons is a tale of the Elric brothers' training under Izumi Curtis, filling the prompt rites of passage/coming of age for Trope Bingo.

April 7, 2014: New Home is Where You Are Ed/Noa fic. The romantic-humor one-shot Sewn Up fills the prompt knitting/sewing/crochet for Cotton Candy Bingo.

March 31, 2014: By way of drawing practice, I tried my hand at a headshot of Edward. You can see the result on the Miscellaneous Fanart page.

March 26, 2014: Added a new cover for one of my older stories, Poultry Problems. See it on the Gift Tags & Story Covers page.

February 16, 2014: Another new one-shot. Sidetrack is a bit of humor that fills the prompt vacations and holidays for Genprompt Bingo.

February 13, 2014: A short new Ed/Noa ficlet for Valentine's Day. Passion also fills two fic bingo prompts: beauty for Genprompt Bingo, and dancing for Cotton Candy Bingo.

January 5, 2014: Continuing the last-minute Fandom Stocking push is Winter Wonderland. This one also fills not one, but two fic bingo prompts: sleeplessness at Genprompt Bingo, and snowed in at Trope Bingo.

January 4, 2014: Added a new 300-word drabble, Un-Growing Pains. Aside from being a Fandom Stocking gift fic, it fills the prompt teenagers at Genprompt Bingo.

December 15, 2013: Still more new fic. Missing is a post-series one-shot that completes my goal of five consecutive prompt fills for the Hurt/Comfort Bingo.

November 29, 2013: Added a cover for yesterday's new story, Appearance, on the Gift Tags & Story Covers page.

November 28, 2013: The second new fic in just over a week! Appearance is my fourth entry for the Hurt/Comfort Bingo challenge, in which one of the Elric brothers has post-transmutation body-image issues—and it might not be the one you expect.

November 20, 2013: New fic! Enough is the eighth entry in my Things That Never Happened one-shot series.

October 12, 2013: Added a small Ed/Noa fic to the Home is Where You Are collection. Touch is my third entry for the Hurt/Comfort Bingo challenge.

September 26, 2013: One small new fic. Bump in the Night is a ficlet based on the prompt “haunted house”.

August 27, 2013: New fic! Intervention finds Ed having to answer (or not) for one of the situations he got himself into, in another one-shot written for the hurt/comfort bingo.

August 14, 2013: Added a cover for my story Trophy to the Gift Tags & Story Covers page.

August 9, 2013: Added a generic FMA fic cover to the Gift Tags & Story Covers page, for my many stories that don't have a cover of their own yet.

July 26, 2013: I'm taking part in a hurt/comfort fic bingo challenge. *g* The first fruit of this endeavor is a poignant little one-shot called Grace. (You can check out its pretty cover in the Gift Tags & Story Covers collection, too.)

June 4, 2013: A couple of miscellaneous additions today. In the Graphics section, I added a Transmutation Circles page, which showcases a few of the original alchemic arrays I've created. And in the realm of Fun Stuff, there's FMA Font Recommendations—a handy collection of examples and download links to help you find fonts that fit the style of FMA. (Even the fonts I use to create my arrays are linked here!)

May 21, 2013: New fic, finally! Added Chasm, a dramatic new four-chapter story.

April 18, 2013: I haven't forgotten this site! The fics I've been working on have all just been long-form behemoths. *g* I hope to have a fic finished soon. In the meantime, here's a new wallpaper, titled Fullmetal Brothers.

September 12, 2012: Added a new one-shot, New Look. Elric brotherly humor!

August 15, 2012: Added a new 600-word one-shot, Distraction, which explores Dante's relationship with the first homunculus to bear the name Lust.

July 16, 2012: Added a new Ed/Noa one-shot, Perspectives.

July 1, 2012: There are two rather significant updates today. First of all, new fiction! Pet Project is an odd little tale, the seventh entry in my Things That Never Happened one-shot series.
Secondly, I have divided my graphic banners into two separate categories. Miscellaneous Banners is now home to various creations that are not associated with any particular fic. Gift Tags & Story Covers still contains link banners I've made for specific stories—and this has now been expanded to include “covers” created for use on (On that note, check out the new addition there: a cover for one of my older fics, “Too Many Cooks”!)

June 29, 2012: Added nine new icons featuring Edward, Alphonse, and Ed/Noa.

June 5, 2012: I removed the old “Blood Ties” banner previously seen on the Gift Tags page, and replaced it with a vastly better “novel cover”.

April 28, 2012: A new long-form story is now online! Roughing It is a seven-chapter adventure tale about camping, kidnapping, and alchemic ingenuity.

April 1, 2012: New one-shot, written for April Fools' Day. Lucky is a dose of humor that finds Envy in a most unenviable position.

March 27, 2012: Added a colorized version of Kristen Sharpe's “Instruction” Ed/Noa sketch. You can find it in the Miscellaneous Fanart section of Art Gifts & Commissions.

March 11, 2012: Added eight new icons.

February 29, 2012: A big addition of five new wallpapers today. Four of them feature both of the Eric brothers, and one features Ed alone.

February 14, 2012: For Valentine's Day, added another bit of humorous Ed/Noa fluff called Lost in Translation. This story, as well as “Over the Threshold”, “Learning Curves”, and “Respect”, have been compiled into a new Home is Where You Are series of Ed/Noa ficlets.

January 25, 2012: Added a short 550-word piece of Ed/Noa nuptial fluff, titled Over the Threshold.

January 19, 2012: A very silly, very random 300-word fic today. Tummy Ache is about—you guessed it—Gluttony.

January 18, 2012: Sort of early for Valentine's Day, but I've graced the Gift Tags page with an Ed/Noa manip that is utterly adorable, if I do say so myself. *g* While I was at it, I also put up the gift tags I made for three of the four fics in the last update (which I apparently neglected to do at the time).

January 7, 2012: Reveal day at Fandom Stocking brings the release of not one, but four new one-shots I wrote over the holidays! Presenting Life of the Party, with Edward and Mustang; Well Accessorized, with Mustang and Hawkeye; The Broken Vessel, with Kain Fuery and Izumi Curtis; and Change of Plans, a Things That Never Happened installment with the Elric brothers and Winry.

January 6, 2012: Yet another new one-shot today. The Darkness Before Dawn is a sequel to one of my past one-shots, Poultry Problems.

January 2, 2012: Starting off the year with yet another new fic! Learning Curves is a companion fic I wrote for Kristen Sharpe's wonderful “Instruction” Ed/Noa sketch (see the previous update).

December 28, 2011: The great Kristen Sharpe gifted me with an adorable little Ed/Noa illustration, which can now be found under Miscellaneous Fanart in the Art Gifts & Commissions section.

December 25, 2011: Merry Christmas! Today I've added another new one-shot. Snowball is just a playful bit of wintertime Elric-brothers fluff. A banner associated with it has also been added to the Gift Tags page.

December 23, 2011: Continuing with the holiday theme, there are two new banners on the Gift Tags page, offering holiday greetings. (Some new story-specific gift tags will be going up soon as well, when their associated gift fics go live.)

December 22, 2011: New one-shot! Dichromatic is a holiday dose of brotherly love in a post-“Blood Ties” setting (and incidentally, it sets up certain elements for a future full-length sequel to “Blood Ties”). Aside from this, I've also been working on several other gift fics that will be appearing soon, so stay tuned!

December 12, 2011: New manip on the Image Manipulations page. It's Santa!Ed!

October 21, 2011: New wallpaper, without the Elrics for a change. Quiet Memories features Hughes and Mustang.

October 2, 2011: I finally completed and added Night-Riders, a six-chapter Halloween story I have been working on for more than a year. Happy 3 October!

September 26, 2011: Added a new one-shot. Respect is a rather fluffy bit of post-“Blood Ties” Ed/Noa romantic comedy, set in a future in which the two have been reunited in Amestris.

September 6, 2011: Presenting a spooky new wallpaper for the Halloween season. I'll Follow You Anywhere finds Ed and Al taking a little moonlight stroll in a graveyard…

August 22, 2011: A double-update of fanfic today. First up is Irony, a short ficlet on the last moments of Doctor Marcoh. The second is Rebirth, a truly strange and creepy fifth story in the Things That Never Happened AU series.

July 20, 2011: Added five new icons.

July 15, 2011: Added a lovely new piece of work to the Art Gifts & Commissions collection, under Miscellaneous Fanart.

July 10, 2011: Added four new icons featuring Edward.

July 6, 2011: New wallpaper, titled Love Worth Waiting For. It uses the same image as my previous Ed/Noa wallpaper, but I think it's much better.

June 28, 2011: I've snuck in two new wallpapersEd & Noa and Fight for You.

June 23, 2011: My latest one-shot is a rarity, in that it actually focuses on a villain. Skin Deep is a little examination of Dante and Hohenheim's life together—and how that life might have ended.

June 18, 2011: And two more new shinies in wallpapers, titled Brothers and We're All We've Got.

June 16, 2011: Two new additions in wallpapers, titled What I've Done and Phoenix Fire.

June 8, 2011: Yet another new fic today. Sleepless finds Colonel Mustang learning something he didn’t know about Alphonse.

June 6, 2011: Just a ridiculous little micro-fic of thirty-two words, aptly titled Ill-Advised. *g*

June 5, 2011: Added two new wallpapers for your desktop enjoyment: What Can’t Be Done and Falling Away.

June 4, 2011: Added Bless the Beasts and Children, the fourth story in the Things That Never Happened AU series. This one concerns a very dark take on how things might have unfolded differently at Shou Tucker’s home.

May 9, 2011: My epic Conqueror of Shamballa alternative-story Blood Ties has now been released in its entirety. At just over ninety thousand words, this is by far the longest and most ambitious work of fanfiction I have ever written.

April 19, 2011: Just a quick little update. I added ten new icons—eight of Mustang/Hawkeye, one of Havoc, and one of Izumi.

April 15, 2011: Just in time for summer, I’ve added a pair of cool and wintry new wallpapers—Winter Cityside One and Two.

April 3, 2011: My epic new story Blood Ties won’t go live for a couple of days yet (and then it will be posted first at Prose Alchemist, my fiction blog). However, as a sneak peek, you can now see the artwork created for it by Zanna.

March 26, 2011: Here’s a big new addition to the Funstuff section. Visit the FMA Mary Sue Generator to create your own excruciating State Alchemist fantasy character!

March 23, 2011: There is a new manip on the Image Manipulations page, featuring undead!Ed. Consider it a teaser of sorts for my major upcoming story, Blood Ties

February 1, 2011: I’ve added a new page in the Fanart section for Gift Tags—a collection of small images I used to link to my fiction offerings in the Fandom Stocking gift exchange.

January 8, 2011: I’ve added two Ed&Al brotherly-love stories that were written as holiday gifts. Simple Gifts is a sweet little Christmas story, while Slow Down finds Al losing his patience with Ed for once.

December 19, 2010: I’m delighted to present a new fanart section, Art Gifts & Commissions. Its inaugural entry is Christmas With the Hughes, a wonderful holiday piece from Kristen Sharpe, which she based on my story Family. (And for my part, I’ve added to the Icons page a random handful of icons that haven't found their way to my graphics journal yet.)

December 17, 2010: Added A Little Love Is All It Needs, a one-shot Christmas confection featuring the Elric boys and the Hughes family. (A few more stories, holiday-themed and otherwise, will be coming soon.) Merry Christmas!

November 23, 2010: Added a new one-shot humor fic, The Office Pool. Ed vs. Mustang’s entire staff!

November 19, 2010: Added a new wallpaper titled Dreaming, which features a lovely shot of Ed—from the trailer for the forthcoming new FMA movie!

October 16, 2010: Added the award banner received from FMA Fic Contest for my ficlet Surprise.

October 7, 2010: Added the award banner received from FMA Fic Contest for my drabble Buzz.

September 29, 2010: Added a new fic, From Ashes. At a length of more than twenty thousand words, this is my first multi-chapter FMA fic. It’s an in-depth exploration of the Elric brothers’ recovery in the year between their failed human transmutation and the time they left Resembool.

September 26, 2010: Added the award banner received from FMA Fic Contest for my story The Inn of White Roses.

September 20, 2010: Added Surprise, a third story in the Things That Never Happened AU series, which mainly features Maes Hughes during a pivotal incident in Ishbal.

September 14, 2010: Added Buzz, a drabble in which Al must deal with one pest too many.

September 7, 2010: Added The Inn of White Roses, a one-shot which finds Ed and Al looking for a night’s rest in a place that is not what they expect.

August 23, 2010: I gave the site a new layout. It’s blue instead of parchment-colored, as well as sleeker than the previous one (although on the downside, it leaves even more blank space on pages with little content). I also finally got a rudimentary links page up. Finally, I added Foundling, an award-winning but highly truncated drabble-ish thing that I wrote back in April. I want to extend it into a full-length story sometime, but until that happens, the existing opening might as well be up.

August 13, 2010: Added 3 new icons, respectively featuring Ed, Al, and Mustang.

August 10, 2010: Added a shiny new fanfic award that I received for the story Spark.

August 8, 2010: Added Spark, a post-CoS one-shot in which Ed and Al meet a boy whose name will be remembered by history.

August 7, 2010: Added Down and Dirty, a humorous one-shot featuring Ed, Al, and Havoc. This is the fifth entry in the Alphabet Series.

August 2, 2010: Added two new wallpapers featuring Ed. (Or at least, two versions of one wallpaper.)

July 19, 2010: Added Imposture, a brief one-shot that examines Ed’s early-childhood perspective on automail.

July 5, 2010: Added Night Light, a one-shot dose of squishy Ed-and-Al brotherliness. This is the fourth entry in the Alphabet Series.

July 1, 2010: Added 2 new Ed&Al icons. Also, the Tringhams return! Added The Bride, a rather odd and nonsensical future-fic one-shot, in which Russell and Fletcher learn the curious facts of Ed’s new sister-in-law.

June 26, 2010: Added Too Many Cooks, a one-shot featuring Winry, the Elric brothers, and the Tringham brothers. This is the third entry in the Alphabet Series.

June 19, 2010: Added Poultry Problems, a one-shot in which the brothers Elric contend with a feathered menace.

June 10, 2010: Added Graveside, a one-shot featuring Pinako. This is the second entry in the Alphabet Series.

June 5, 2010: Added Tanked, a one-shot featuring childhood Ed-and-Al mischief. This is the first entry in the Alphabet Series, which will (I hope) eventually be a set of twenty-six one-shots based on A-to-Z story prompts.

May 24, 2010: Added Quality of Life, a second installment in the Things That Never Happened AU series.

May 22, 2010: Added That Which Doesn’t Kill You…, a new 500-word ficlet featuring Fuery and the Elrics. I also added three new icons of Lust (which were made to demonstrate a texture set I just released at Wolfbane Icons).

May 17, 2010: Added Detachment, a new 250-word drabble that offers a small dose of parental!Roy&Ed.

May 5, 2010: Added 24 new icons.

April 29, 2010: Added a new award banner, which was won for the story That’s Gonna Leave a Mark earlier this week.

April 28, 2010: Added a new story, Stepfather. This is the first entry in a planned fic series called Things That Never Happened, which will include various one-shot stories about how events might have unfolded very differently in the FMA universe.

April 26, 2010: Lots of updating today! First of all, a new ficlet; That’s Gonna Leave a Mark is a short, humorous fluff piece featuring Mustang and the Elrics. I also added another 30 new icons. Finally, I’ve added the About page, which explains a little bit about my FMA fandom and the content of this site.

April 23, 2010: Added 30 new icons.

April 21, 2010: We finally have a Fun Stuff page. At the moment, though, it only leads to a small trophy case for awards won by my fiction.

April 18, 2010: Added 25 new icons, featuring various characters. More are on the way!

April 12, 2010: Added a new one-shot, Steel and Serpent, featuring Al and Marta. This story won first place at the FMA Fic Contest community!

April 10, 2010: Added a new one-shot called Loophole, in which Ed and Mustang butt heads. Again. *g*

April 5, 2010: Added a new Alphonse-centered one-shot, Family. It’s actually a Christmas ficlet… but there’s sort of a reason for that.

April 2, 2010: Added two icons to a new Icons page, under the Fanart section. More will follow eventually.

March 27, 2010: A slightly belated update; I recently added Junkie, a one-shot character piece centered on Maes Hughes. I’ve also added some selections that were missing on the contact form.

March 22, 2010: Added a new drabble, Teachers Also Learn, featuring Izumi and the young Elric brothers. Also added a bit of Ed+baseball fanart to a new section, Image Manipulations.

March 10, 2010: Brotherly Love is officially online. It still needs work, though! The About and Links pages will probably appear soon. (On the other hand, the Fun Stuff item in the menu is currently just a placeholder for future content. I don’t know what may end up there myself. *g*)