Having made a great many Fullmetal Alchemist wallpapers and icons, I’ve looked at a lot of different fonts, searching for ones that most closely resemble the FMA title lettering (or make for creative variations on it). I thought others might be able to benefit from my searches and comparisons as well, so I put together this page, with samples and links to a variety of fonts that are useful for FMA graphics. Aside from title-lettering fonts, I’ve even included several dingbats (including authentic alchemy symbols) that I use to create my own transmutation circles.

Each of the fonts shown on this page can be downloaded for free. The download links all direct to the excellent free font site, with the exception of the Alchemy font, which comes from

This set of examples shows (at least in my opinion) some of the best fonts to use for titles in FMA graphics. “Wolfred Nelson”, in particular, is by far the closest thing I’ve found to the official FMA logo title lettering. Others offer variations on the style that fit very well with the “feel” of the series.

Font Links:
Wolfred Nelson - CF Nelson Old Caracters - Go 2 Old Western - Hello Arson
Hand Printing Press Meshed - DCC Manifest - Fish - Smoke In The Woods

Slab fonts, including some of the ones shown here, have been popularly recommended in the FMA fandom in the past. While fonts that even more closely resemble the official lettering are now available (see above), I thought I’d still include a selection of these more generic slab/college-style fonts as well.

Font Links:
Staubach - College - Porn Star Academy - HFF High Tension
Poster Slab - Lethal League - Friday Night Lights - Illinois Block

This is a selection of dingbat symbols and “alien script” fonts that I’ve used to make my own transmutation circles. (For examples of the circles I’ve made, see the Transmutation Circles page.) When individual symbols from these fonts are combined and modified, they can make some pretty nifty-looking arrays.

Font Links:
Agathodaimon - Alchemy - Forerunner - Vulcan Script
Grace of Etro - LR Talisman - Observer - Riluri MQSD