Things That Never Happened

Various alternate-universe one-shots about ways things could have happened differently.

Bless the Beasts and Children
How the Elric brothers’ journey might have ended before it ever really began.

Change of Plans
Things don’t go as planned—differently—when the Elrics set out to raise their mother.

Equivalent Exchange is measured in more than alchemy.

Edward’s mother makes a deathbed confession that shakes his entire world.

Pet Project
Winry resolves to find out why Ed and Al are acting even more strangely than usual.

Quality of Life
A terrible secret from their childhood throws the Elrics’ entire quest into doubt.

In which the Elrics’ battle with Wrath leads to darker, more life-changing results. (Also see the longform continuation of this story, Reawakening.)

The Elric brothers’ stepfather-to-be has his work cut out with Ed.

Hughes finds something unexpected at the scene of the Rockbells’ execution.