Alchemy and Gypsy Songs

Varied one-shots focusing on gentle romance between Edward and Noa, in courtship and as a married couple.

Her new world was a brighter place in a very literal sense.

Learning Curves
While giving Noa a lesson in alchemy, Edward learns a few things himself.

Lost in Translation
Al doesn’t appreciate being left out of conversations.

After the closing of the Gate, Edward looks toward a new life.

She wanted his memories to shape her, just as they had shaped him.

Over the Threshold
The last thing that stands between the wedding and the honeymoon.

Noa danced only for him now.

One small change of perspective can make a big difference.

Alphonse has many reasons to welcome the girl his brother loves.

A damsel has the prerogative to expect rescue—even if she isn’t exactly in distress.

Sewn Up
Ed is the reason why Noa has to do a lot of sewing.

Snow Globes
The Elrics begin a new holiday tradition.

Sunny Side Up
Edward is not a good cook, but Noa doesn’t mind that.

Tokens of Affection
Edward is highly creative in his gift-giving.

What she marveled at was the fact that he was freely willing to touch her.

Ed has a solution for Noa’s dislike of the cold.