Alphabet Series

Assorted one-shots, based on A-to-Z one-word prompts given on LiveJournal.

I: Night Light (Prompt: Iridescent, Edward and Alphonse)
He wasn’t afraid of the dark. He simply loved the light.

L: Tanked (Prompt: Lobster, Edward)
Taking a pair of alchemic child geniuses to a seafood restaurant is not a good idea.

M: Down and Dirty (Prompt: Mud, Edward and Havoc)
Just one more thing Edward hates about the rain…

R: Graveside (Prompt: Regrets, Pinako)
Pinako visits the grave of Trisha Elric.

T: Styled (Prompt: Tea, Edward and Elicia)
Edward makes the grave mistake of falling asleep at a tea party.

X: Too Many Cooks (Prompt: Xanthan Gum, the Elrics and Tringhams)
Winry’s kitchen is besieged by rival alchemists.