Chaptered Stories

Blood Ties
Alternative to Conqueror of Shamballa. An old enemy plunges Ed into the dark secrets of his new world, linked to the alchemy he thought lost to him—while in Amestris, Al faces a dire choice. Will the nightmare Ed is drawn into provide the key to both their fates?

Blood Brothers
An alternative outcome to my story “Blood Ties”. Even as Edward tentatively begins to plan for a future in his dark new world, the dying Alphonse makes a choice that could reunite them once more—but at a great cost.

During a manhunt for Scar, Hughes and Alphonse become trapped and endangered, leading Al to make a grave request.

From Ashes
Edward and Alphonse had a long journey to make before they ever left home. A story in ten chapters, alternately seen through the eyes of Ed and Al.

An FMA Halloween tale. Another October finds Edward depressed—until the brothers get caught up in a family’s secret.

Continuation of my AU one-shot story “Rebirth”. Fifteen years after being reborn as a child of the Curtises, Edward has grown to be a healthy, settled teenager with no memory of his first life. Yet shadows of the past are beginning to fall over the family’s happiness… and not all of Ed’s old enemies have forgotten him.

Roughing It
In an effort to learn more about the Elric brothers and Mustang’s connection to them, Hughes maneuvers the three into a camping trip with his family—but the fun and games end when they find themselves caught in the fallout of a deadly museum heist.

One-Shot Collections

Alphabet Series
Assorted one-shots, based on A-to-Z one-word prompts given on LiveJournal.

Home is Where You Are
Varied one-shots focusing on gentle romance between Edward and Noa, in courtship and as a married couple.

Things That Never Happened
Various alternate-universe one-shots about ways things could have happened differently.

Individual One-Shots

Awards mean nothing to Edward.

The Animal
Ed was used to seeing strange things around Mustang’s office, but this was new.

Ed has always wanted to have things his way.

It was the first time Ed had thought of what others would see when they looked at him.

Birthday Wish
Ed finds a creative interpretation for Al’s birthday wish.

The Bride
The Tringhams learn they have a lot to catch up on at Al’s wedding reception.

The Broken Vessel
Fuery seeks teaching from Izumi Curtis, but the lesson learned is not what he expects.

Bump in the Night
Strange nocturnal noises are happening at the Rockbell house.

Secret codes are kind of a big thing with alchemists.

The Darkness Before Dawn
Sequel to “Poultry Problems”. Winry learns what Al has been doing outside at night.

Ed takes a hand in Al’s choice between a promise and an opportunity.

There was such a thing as being too comfortable.

Dog of the Military
The Ishbalan desert holds something more terrible for Mustang than the sins he has already committed.

Ed’s Doggone Day
Ed’s day just keeps getting worse—and on an oddly recurrent theme.

Perhaps the Elrics did gain something for their loss. It just wasn’t what they expected.

For Lack of a Better Name
Ed questions one element of the military dress code.

Form Follows Function
Before they leave Resembool, Ed offers Al a surprising choice.

Formal Wear
The Elric brothers prepare for a military reception.

Fruitful Endeavors
Russell Tringham has made a new home in Liore.

Those he had hurt were the very ones he could still lean on.

Helping Hand
The Elrics meet another familiar face on the other side of the Gate.

Hero Worship
Ed is skeptical of the shocking claim made by an eccentric young alchemist.

The first time Al experiences damage to his armor.

Ed’s interest in human transmutation goes back a little farther than people think.

The Inn of White Roses
It’s been a hard day, and all Ed wants is a place to crash for the night…

General Hakuro has questions for Ed about Lab Five.

Doctor Marcoh considers the irony of his demise.

Maes Hughes suspected he had a problem.

Keep Moving Forward
And they all lived happily ever after…

A little kindness goes a long way.

When Izumi introduces a new student, Ed and Al must confront a dilemma.

Life of the Party
Mustang learns that getting what he wants from Ed isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Literary Torture
When a visit to Winry for repairs is poorly timed, Edward does not go unpunished.

A Little Love Is All It Needs
Edward finds his Christmas spirit in an unlikely way.

Ed decides Al deserves his due. Mustang is not amused.

Envy’s latest spying ploy hits an unexpected snag.

Ed’s nightmares are not what Al thinks they are.

Edward enjoys a simple pleasure that can’t always be had in his travels.

As Al struggles with his lost memory, Wrath struggles with something else.

The Elric brothers have an unsung traveling companion.

New Look
Al has a surprise for Ed.

New Year’s Eve
As another year fades, Ed questions whether his choices have been the right ones.

Alphonse learns how to live with the sounds of his armor.

Edward pauses to reminisce on Yock Island.

Occupational Therapy
After the transmutation, Winry helps Al overcome a new fear.

October Fourth
Everything had changed… but so had the Elric brothers.

The Office Pool
Ed learns that his pain is often somebody else’s gain.

A quiet Fullmetal can be more worrisome than a noisy one.

Poor Little Rich Girl
Nina becomes curious about Ed and Al’s place of origin.

Poultry Problems
Al uses his absence of sleep to guard against a peculiar menace.

Professional Pride
Winry and Ed have rather different definitions of ‘minor’ damage.

There’s something odd about the latest mission Mustang has for Ed and Al.

A Sign
The Elric brothers go house-hunting.

Simple Gifts
Al has a peculiar Christmas gift for Ed.

Skin Deep
After a few centuries, a breakup can be messy.

Mustang finds an unlikely common ground with Alphonse.

Slow Burn
Sometimes a slower technique yields faster results.

Slow Down
Al wishes Ed would just slow down once in a while.

Because, after all, what else would the Elric brothers get into a snowball war over?

For Alphonse, traveling offers a preview of things to come.

Souls’ Night
After helping an old Ishbalan, the Elrics, Winry, and Mustang get a special thank-you.

A boy with a bright future finds inspiration in a chance encounter.

Steel and Serpent
It was remarkable, the things a person could get used to.

Young Alphonse has a wish.

Sugar and Caffeine
There’s a limit even to Edward’s indulgence of Alphonse.

Ed finds one task his metal fingers are particularly ill-suited for.

That’s Gonna Leave a Mark
Ed has had more embarrassing injuries, but not many.

That Which Doesn’t Kill You…
Kain Fuery makes a surprising request of the Elric brothers.

A Thoughtful Husband
Trisha loves it when Hohenheim brings home his second-best gifts.

Winry gets a lesson in her possessiveness about her handiwork.

A Hawkeye’s-eye view of a mission report from Edward to Mustang.

Alphonse likes to watch people.

Maybe Equivalent Exchange is not just a two-way street.

Well Accessorized
Anything men can do, Hawkeye can do better—even out of uniform.

When Fishing For A Whale…
Al finds something curious in Ed’s suitcase.

Winter Wonderland
Al finds a creative way to pass the night after a snowstorm.

The Wrong Pocket
Sometimes Ed is even the Hero of the People on accident.


Better Left Unsaid
Winry stops arguing with things she can’t change.

Better to Have It and Not Need It…
Ed learns a lesson in preparedness.

Alphonse has a pest problem.

His new apprentice was at it again.

Sometimes resentment makes a flimsy shield.

Due Credit
Ed thinks he has the solution for a certain mistaken-identity problem.

Al latches onto something even more problematic than a kitten.

Good Students
It had been months since the house felt so quiet.

Ever wonder why genius Ed hasn’t learned to fix his own automail?

Insignificant Details
Occasionally, Ed’s observation skills fail him.

A Jones For Trouble
Of all the chimeras Ed had faced, this one was the most annoying.

Alphonse watches the weather.

Residents of East City have gotten some odd ideas about alchemists.

Izumi is all too observant.

No Frills
The biggest influence in Winry’s life was apparent early on.

Sometimes the most convenient weapon at hand is not so convenient after all.

The typical aftermath of one of Ed’s more questionable traits.

Paternal Hypergraphia
Ed is introduced to one library he would rather not revisit.

Reach Out and Annoy Someone
For the first week, Roy actually thought Maes as a new father was cute.

Red Carpet
Prejudice must be an awful lot of work.

Resembool Green
Meditations on Edward’s favorite color.

Step Two
Ed’s first attempt at alchemy does not go as planned.

Study Break
Ed has always needed reminding not to work too hard.

Alphonse reinterprets a game with Elicia.

Teachers Also Learn
It started as these things always did, with Edward’s mouth…

Tummy Ache
Lust wants to know why her Gluttony has a tummy ache.

Un-Growing Pains
Beware of the size tantrum that was never fully vented the first time around.

Wake-Up Call
It was one of the little things Alphonse could do to help.

Within Reach
So much was always just beyond Ed’s grasp.