Instruction by Kristen Sharpe (December 2011)

Kristen created this wonderful sketch in response to a prompt I submitted for the 2011 FMA Gift Exchange. My suggestion was for a post-CoS scene in which the Elrics had taken Noa back to Amestris, and Ed was teaching her alchemy. I absolutely love the result—so cute!
(The colorized version on the right was made by me. You can also read Learning Curves, a companion fic I wrote for the illustration.)

Portrait of Ed and Al by Elizabeth (July 2011)

A lovely piece of art, drawn for me to fulfill a fanart commission I won in the Gulf Aid Now charity auction. Thank you, Elizabeth!

Edward Headshot by Jordanna (March 2014)

This was my first earnest attempt at FMA fanart—after having no drawing practice at all for fifteen years. I closely studied an FMA artbook during the process of drawing this headshot, but it still turned out quite differently from the image I based it on. At least my terribly rusty skills were able to make him recognizable. :Ž