My “Fullmetal Alchemist” fandom came about at the beginning of 2010, as a result of ill-advised late-night channel surfing. I’ve always strictly avoided anime (which I still intend to do, with a couple of exceptions); but once I got a taste of the brotherly bond between Ed and Al… well, I think the existence of this site makes the result fairly obvious. *g*

Of course, besides being the one thing I most love about FMA, that bond is also the inspiration for the name of this website. Ed and Al and their extraordinary relationship are the strongest focus of the fiction and fanart I post here. However, FMA has a wonderful and extensive cast of characters to draw on, so there’s plenty of room for their friends! (And yes, maybe even a few of their foes now and then—although I’m not and never have been inclined toward fannishness about villains.)

Those reading my fiction should note that all of my stories are based on the original FMA anime. I am not a fan of the manga or the “Brotherhood” series.

I’m not a stickler for timelines. Since I enjoy roughly the first half of FMA best, most of my stories are likely to take place in that context, with the Elrics traveling about and doing random good works during their hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone. (A certain adorable Major will also still be alive when I so choose.) I suppose this could be identified with Ed’s mostly-untold first three years as a State Alchemist, but I’m not even going to try putting a date on anything.

As for pairings: my preferred ’ships are Ed/Noa, Winry/Mason, Havoc/Sheska, Maes/Gracia, and Izumi/Sig. I also don’t mind occasional Roy/Riza on the side. However, I don’t actually place much emphasis on pairings. For the most part, the fiction I love to write and read is purely gen. (Just to be clear on the matter, I especially loathe Ed/Winry, and I will not do slash in any form.)

Naturally, creativity thrives on feedback. If you have a comment on what you see here, use the contact form to drop me a line!