Title: Strategic Shift
Author: Jordanna Morgan (librarie@jordanna.net)
Archive Rights: Please request the authorís consent.
Rating/Warnings: PG for discreet vampiric behavior.
Characters: Kurogane and Fai.
Setting: During the Infinity arc.
Faiís style of fighting had changed since his transformation into a vampire.
Disclaimer: They belong to CLAMP. Iím just playing with them.
Additional Disclaimer: This work is written purely as genfic. Please respect it as such.
Notes: Merely a small exploration of an ideaóbecause Iíve spent many years overthinking vampire habits in fiction and roleplaying. *g* At 397 words, this ficlet just barely squeezes under my limit for inclusion in a drabble/microfic collection.


Strategic Shift


Faiís style of fighting had changed since his transformation into a vampire.

It was something Kurogane had ample opportunity to observe in Infinity, while they acted as pawns in human chess matches. In one sense, he knew Fai was still holding back more than ever: not only his remaining magic now, but his newly gained vampiric physical strength. Kurogane had the sense that if he wanted to, the mage could have truly harmed their opponents with a frightening ease.

But there was more to it, as well. Faiís tactics had always been based upon evading and frustrating foes with his agility, rarely ever giving them a chance to touch him. Yet now, with his greatly increased endurance, he was quick to throw himself forward into the enemyís pathóand often between the enemy and his comrades. He used his own body as a shield, taking blows meant for Kurogane and Syaoran.

His new regenerative powers meant that he felt the hits only briefly. However, there was still a price to be paid for the effort his body expended in rapid healingÖ and as Faiís personal blood bank, that price was Kuroganeís responsibility.

On occasion, Fai would avail himself of a quick, discreet boost during combat.

When Kurogane turned from felling an opponent, only to find another almost on top of him, Fai was suddenly in the way. He took the swing of the manís club with hardly a gruntóand then neatly toppled him, twisting to clout him upside the head with the pommel of his sword.

Without comment on the assistance, Kurogane turned to seek a new target; but slim fingers suddenly twined around his wrist, seizing his free hand. His breath caught as he felt a warm tongue on his skin, hastily flicking across a small cut an opponent had landed to his forearm.

By the time the warrior glanced backward, Fai had released his arm, but the yellow gleam of the vampireís eye gave him away. He smiled thinly, offering an apologetic shrug. His visible bruises were already fading with new swiftness.

That small taste was not only to Faiís benefit. The sting of the cut immediately lessened, affected by properties in Faiís saliva that promoted the healing of his prey as wellÖ

But still. Not here, and not now.

ďÖSave it for later,Ē Kurogane muttered brusquely, and returned his attention to the battle.

© 2015 Jordanna Morgan