Title: Harley Visits
Author: Jordanna Morgan (librarie@jordanna.net)
Archive Rights: Please request the author’s consent.
Rating/Warnings: G.
Characters: Jimmy (Conan), Harley, and Rachel.
Setting: General.
Summary: Three relationships, and three perspectives.
Disclaimer: They belong to Gosho Aoyama. I’m just playing with them.
Notes: Just a trio of musings on how these three characters view the relationships between them.


Harley Visits


When Harley Hartwell called to say he would be in town, Rachel seemed unusually happy.

More than that, she went to great lengths to look good. She rushed out to have her hair and nails done. She bought a new blouse.

“You sure seem excited about Harley’s visit,” Conan remarked suspiciously when she returned. “Are you getting a crush on him?”

“Of course not!” Blushing, Rachel sat beside Conan on the couch, and pulled him onto her lap to squeeze him. “I’ll tell you the real reason, but it’s between us, okay? It’s just… the last few times Jimmy showed up, Harley was also around. So I can hope this time too, can’t I?”

Rachel was concerned when a pale and tight-lipped Conan had no appetite for dinner, and went to bed early that night.


As a teenaged professional rival, Jimmy Kudo had been an annoyance to Harley… but as a pint-sized prodigy, he was morbidly fascinating.

Kudo would talk freely to Harley when they were alone, just because Harley was one of the few people with whom he could. It probably should have been a little creepy—conversing with a child who spoke and acted like an uncannily brilliant adult. Conan Edogawa was like one of those kids in Village of the Damned. Only more sarcastic, and not blond.

The thing was, somehow it fit. Because in Conan, Harley could see the person he had only briefly glimpsed in the flesh—but in a form that was far less threatening to his ego, and even strangely appealing.

Had Harley met Kudo first, he wasn’t sure he ever could have liked him.

But he did like Conan.


It was funny how Conan had taken to Harley, ever since the debacle of that Sherlock Holmes mystery tour.

Rachel couldn’t pin it down exactly. Around Harley, Conan seemed to relax in a subtle way that he normally never did. He was still focused and serious, as was in his peculiar nature; but it was as if he felt less pressure to not be serious.

Maybe it was because Harley never talked down to Conan. For a teenager, he had an amazing way with the younger boy. Not that Conan ever really behaved much like a normal child his age, anyway—but perhaps that was the point. Harley played along and treated Conan like the little adult he acted, or disappeared with him somewhere to spend quality time together.

Once or twice, Rachel attempted to treat Conan so earnestly. Yet when she did it, he would hastily become his most childish—and then quickly remember all of a sudden that he had something to do elsewhere.

It hurt just a little that Conan wouldn’t let her in like that. Still, she was glad Harley had somehow managed to connect with him.

Of course, a guy who would prescribe Chinese liquor for an eight-year-old with a headcold was probably no great role model… but at least he couldn’t be any worse than Dad.

© 2015 Jordanna Morgan