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Black Clover

Asta is home after all.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

Crushing It
Zapp tries out a new blood battle technique.

Double Agent
Leo meets one of the rarer imhabitants of Hellsalem’s Lot.

Loose Change
Zapp still can’t resist picking up fallen coins.

A neglected piece of information leaves Leo hanging.

Through the Cracks
The one occasion when something didn’t collapse in Hellsalem’s Lot.

Blue Exorcist

Just when Yukio is getting used to having demon flames, his world changes again.

After Yukio’s powers have awakened, Rin asks a very important question.

Yukio is called upon to deal with something he’s put off.

Fueling the Flames
As Yukio learns to control his powers, Rin is all too delighted to help.

Wardrobe Adjustment
Yukio returns home from a trip to find something alarmingly absent.

Unacquired Taste
In meals with Yukio, one item is off the menu.

Who or What
The Okumura brothers are separate halves of the same identity crisis.

Case Closed/Detective Conan

Alternative Theory
Rachel is made to wonder if Conan isn’t Jimmy after all… but something else.

Bedtime Story
Jimmy receives an unexpected comfort while facing his first nights as Conan.

Hands Off
Jimmy muses on one of the more troublesome issues of having a child’s body.

Harley Visits
Three relationships, and three perspectives.

Doctor Agasa really should put warning labels on his inventions.

Out in the Wash
Upon waking in the hospital, Conan is confronted with a little problem.

Scary Movie Musings
Conan speculates after watching a horror movie.

Jimmy stares at the phone and searches for courage.

Rachel ponders the mystery that is Conan.

You Didn’t Say How Far!
Some games are easier to escape than others… or maybe not.

Young Cuss
Conan accidentally encounters Richard’s softer side.


Daisuke innocently questions Dark’s sense of fashion.

Dark can admit more to his mortal enemies than to those he has dwelled inside.

Children can have a peculiar perspective on things.

Daisuke’s self-portrait was somehow coming out wrong.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Elam finds there is more to Prince Arslan than merely his noble words.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Bitter Medicine
After Kongokaku, Sukari has a word with Mumei.

The Devil You Know
When science meets the supernatural, an even worse monster is unwittingly born.

Fish Out of Water
After the rise of the Kabane, a young sailor’s new life begins with a new name.

Taken captive with Takumi, injured Ikoma witnesses his friend’s trust yet again.

No Reason to Hide
They know his need, but he still can’t truly face them with it.

Kurusu gives Ikoma a new perspective on his role aboard the Kotetsujo.

Takumi resolves to crack the shell of a solitary young refugee.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Her Wolf, His Imp
Midna and Link have made a new life together, but some things will never change.


Sio makes a confession, sort of.


Yato wanted a deeper relationship… but not like this.


Live and Learn
Ainz explains why his followers can serve him best by living.

Seraph of the End

Mikaela faces the prospect of his first mission beyond Sanguinem.

Break You to Fix You
In the eyes of the vampire nobles, King Mikaela has perverse interests.

Clothes Make the Vampire
Training a pet wasn’t easy, but the rewards were worth it.

Everyone knew he was the Queen’s pet. He was fairly sure no one liked it much.

Mika brings Krul a little souvenir from the surface world.

Mikaela never slept easily when Krul lay beside him.

Yu’s answers are even worse than his questions.

Sweet Sting
Mika grows curious about some of his changes as a vampire.

The orphans’ attempt to escape Sanguinem unfolds a little bit differently.

Soul Eater

Mystery Meat
When Maka forgets the grocery shopping again, Blair has a solution.

Sword Art Online

It was unfortunate that frog monsters were such common pests in Aincrad.

Interior Designs
It wasn’t their first argument, but it was the first one about something normal.

The New Level
The latest floor of Aincrad is one of those levels.

Secret Weapon
Kirito doesn’t need a sword to defend himself. He has Scoville Units.

Tsubasa Chronicle

Everyone thought Fai was the one who annoyed Kurogane.

Conspicuous Consumption
Still haunted by Tokyo, the travelers share their first meal in Infinity.

Dark Eyes
Fai reacts to the changing color of his eyes in Shura Country.

Make the Most of It
Kurogane has no intention of seeing his blood go to waste.

Strategic Shift
Fai’s style of fighting had changed since his transformation into a vampire.

A Thousand Cuts
Kurogane never allowed Fai to bite him.

Ben 10: Alien Force/Ultimate Alien

Warm Fuzzies
Kevin liked the quiet nights best.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Ninety-nine times. Just once, he would have liked not to see it coming.

How to Train Your Dragon

A Bark Worth Its Bite
The cold makes Hiccup’s leg ache. Toothless knows what to do about it.

Next Steps
Gobber and Stoick have a conversation about the future.

Astrid reflects on what Hiccup has lost—and gained.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

After defeating Doc Ock while trapped in the Living Brain, Peter faces an unexpected quandary.

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century

The Baker Street Drabbles
A set of hundred-word fiction snippets.

The only thing more trying than a reanimated detective is a bored reanimated detective.

Lestrade deals with fantasy, reality, and a New Year’s Eve misadventure.

Stranger Than Fiction
Holmes recalls another singular individual of the nineteenth century.

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron

Home Fires
The 9/11 attacks leave the SWAT Kats reconsidering where their real duty lies.

Chance Furlong considers the cost of living two lives.

Teen Titans

The Little Things
It was the little things Raven noticed about her new comrades.

Adolescence is complicated when you have a zoo inside you. Fortunately, Beast Boy has found a compromise.

Step Into the Dark
As Slade’s apprentice, Robin receives the one order he fears most.

Hammer Horror

Victor Frankenstein pays a visit to an old friend…with a singular means of vengeance in mind.

Errand of Mercy
Baron Frankenstein commits an act of kindness on his own terms.

Finem Respice
A nocturnal encounter challenges Abraham Van Helsing’s beliefs.

Hogan’s Heroes

Sticks and Stones
A Gestapo officer’s strange agenda involves Colonel Hogan.

It’s What’s For Dinner
The prisoners learn there are some things even Schultz won’t eat.

I, Robot

Lights and Clockwork
Detective Spooner finds a reminder of his past a bit too close for comfort.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Bar Tab
Thor gets a lesson in responsibility from the most unlikely of people.

A small moment between Gamora and Nebula.

Ghosts of the Quadrant
The Guardians of the Galaxy are not alone on their new ship.

Tony put something far more costly than money into Peter’s suit.

When Stephen has sorcerer business at a Halloween party, Christine’s night is not at all what she planned.

The best and worst thing about Ned was how oblivious he was.

The shifting of Stephen’s priorities was not an easy process.

Proper Names
Sorcerers are very particular in their words.

Relic Rivalry
Doctor Strange never meant to start an eternal feud between his cloak and Thor’s hammer. It just sort of happened.

Ring Off
Doctor Strange returns the astral-projection books he illicitly borrowed.

Sticky Inspiration
Peter discovered his webbing before he had spider-powers… and not surprisingly, that was an accident too.

Stephen has new ideas about sorcery… but Wong isn’t sure how well they will be received.

Your Fault
Tony faces the wrath of May.


Fair Weather Friend
A rainy day brings up issues.

Put Her Back
Monk shares a quiet revelation with Doctor Kroger.

The Outer Limits

An introspective postscript to the episode "Down to Earth".

The Saint

The Beast of Matanzas Bay
Simon Templar is drawn into an intrigue surrounding mysterious deaths in the art community of St. Augustine, Florida.

The Wolf Man

Sir John
An alternative ending. Sir John Talbot has done the unthinkable—but for him, the nightmare has only just begun.

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