Simon Westbrook
Mens - Great Britain

Full name: Simon Philip Westbrook

Division: men, eligible

Representing: Great Britain

Coaches: Malcolm Redgrave, Alexander Chevalier

Choreographer: Malcolm Redgrave

Best skating element: Simon's defining skill is his spins; he is a male Lucinda Ruh, with an extensive repertoire of exotic and flexible positions. His spirals and other edge moves are also excellent. He has a very soft, classical skating style, and has been hesitant to expand his range.

Hometown: London, England

Birthdate: November 6, 1982

Height: 6' 1"

Hair color: light brown

Eye color: blue

Physical description: Once frail as a child, Simon is tall, extremely thin--almost gaunt--and incredibly flexible. He has long limbs and a narrow, soulful face with hooded eyes. He is almost fragile in appearance, but is much stronger than he looks.

Family: father, Edward (doctor); mother, Victoria (homemaker); older sisters, Anna Westbrook Robbins and Elizabeth Westbrook; brother-in-law, Jonathan Robbins; nephew, Anthony Simon Robbins (born November 2002).

Personality: Simon is a true English gentleman--quiet, polite, somewhat shy, and highly intelligent. He prefers to avoid crowded or noisy situations, but enjoys the company of friends. Although an eloquent speaker, he is more interested in listening to others. Having grown up as the baby of the family, he doesn't like to be fussed over, and he feels the need to prove himself on his own. This makes him independent and stubborn, in his own quiet way.

Hobbies/interests: Simon has highly artistic inclinations. An accomplished pianist, he would like to pursue music as a career after his skating days are over. Among his other loves are reading, playing chess, painting with watercolors, and collecting various antiquities, such as old books and coins.

Personal history: Born in London, Simon is the youngest child and only son of a very wealthy family, his father being a prominent doctor with a Harley Street practice. As a child Simon suffered frequent illnesses, and like many great champions, he began skating as a way to build up his strength. He grew to love the sport, as did his oldest sister Anna, who also competed until she was married. However, their father saw skating as a hobby, not a career.
Simon was moderately successful in the novice and junior ranks, but his physical growth and the emotional stresses of adolescence caused him trouble in his mid-teens. A long-time admirer of Malcolm Redgrave, he wanted to move to America to work with the famous coach, but his father was strongly against his leaving England. However, the successes of Malcolm's students in the 2001-2002 season finally determined Simon to go. He met with Malcolm at the 2002 British Nationals and explained his situation, and Malcolm agreed to take him on. So at age 19, Simon left for America, against his father's wishes. The decision paid off, as he began to achieve success.
Simon is now courting Jeanette Chevalier, the daughter of his part-time coach, Alexander Chevalier.

Anything else:
Simon is left-handed and a clockwise spinner. Spins are his most recognized talent, not for speed, but for the variety and skill of his positions.
Simon has always been very close to his oldest sister Anna, who like him was once a skater; she is now his only connection to home and to his mother, because his father has all but disowned him. On the other hand, their sister Elizabeth takes after their father; she believes women should not pursue professional or athletic careers, and resents that Simon is not following in their father's footsteps by studying medicine. Their mother, a meek Scottish woman in poor health, merely submits to her husband's wishes.