Rebecca Woodward Lansing
Choreographer - United States

Full name: Rebecca Leigh Woodward Lansing

Country of origin: United States

Occupation: choreographer, show skater

Hometown: Wolf Creek, Montana

Birthdate: April 23, 1978

Height: 5' 2"

Hair color: auburn

Eye color: green

Physical description: Petite, graceful and wholesomely pretty.

Family: husband, Eric; father, Craig; mother, Patricia; older sister, Nancy Woodward Forrest; brother-in-law, Joel Forrest (schoolteacher); niece, Emily Forrest (born 1999).

Personality: A sweet and caring small-town girl with simple dreams and values, Rebecca is very much a product of the down-to-earth community in which both she and Eric Lansing were raised. Intelligent, honest, and pragmatic, she is endearing to everyone she meets. She loves children and animals, and has a strong romantic streak.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, listening to music, cooking, crafts, volunteer work.

Personal history: Becky Woodward had an ordinary and very happy early childhood in Wolf Creek. She lived down the street from Eric Lansing, a boy two years her senior, but did not know him well. She was even less familiar with Eric's burgeoning passion, figure skating--until her eighth birthday. On that day, some friends invited her to join them at the Wolf Den ice rink, and for the first time she saw Eric skating. As the mature and graceful older boy intently practiced his jumps and spins, without noticing her, she developed a crush on him that would change her life forever.
In hopes of being noticed by Eric, Rebecca begged her parents to sign her up for skating lessons--only to learn, to her disappointment, that Eric was then training in private sessions with his coach Malcolm Redgrave. A shy girl, she never developed the nerve to make Eric's acquaintance, and a year later, he moved to Minnesota with his coach. However, she had discovered her own love of skating by this time. She still had a crush on him, but she no longer took it seriously, wrapped up in developing her own skills.
Although she was an excellent skater, competition did not appeal to Becky. Instead she became a show skater in her teens, first locally, then traveling to other parts of the U.S. and Canada to appear in ice shows and minor tours. Over time she developed an increasing interest in choreography, and in 2002, she decided to ease off on her own performances and become a choreographer herself.
Becky returned to Wolf Creek, where figure skating had exploded in popularity since her childhood crush Eric won an Olympic gold, and began working to build her new career. At the end of the year, she was invited to take part in the Wolf Den's annual Christmas show--and in the course of this job, Eric Lansing skated back into her life.
A few weeks later Eric returned to Wolf Creek, to sort out his life after the end of a failed relationship with his training partner Kay Malloy. Becky befriended him, and by the time Eric returned to Ambrose three weeks later, the two had fallen very much in love. In summer Becky was invited to tour with Champion Blades, and Eric proposed to Becky on the ice during the Billings, Montana performance, with both of their families in attendance. They were married on September 21, 2003.
On Christmas of 2003, Rebecca announced her pregnancy.

Anything else:
The engagement ring Eric gave Becky, and both their wedding rings, are the same ones Malcolm Redgrave and his late wife Margaret once exchanged. They were Malcolm's gift to Eric, whom he loves as a son.