Kenji Tokuda
Champion Blades Tour Manager

Full name: Kenji Tokuda

Country of origin: born in Chiba, Japan; now a U.S. citizen

Occupation: president and manager of Champion Blades, Inc.

Birthdate: August 1, 1949

Height: 5' 8"

Hair color: salt-and-pepper

Eye color: black

Physical description: Kenji is a small, wiry and energetic man. There are a lot of laugh lines around his eyes and mouth, due to years of constant smiling, and he has a mustache. He wears a large gold ring on his left middle finger, as well as his wedding ring. He wears eyeglasses when reading.

Family: wife Tamiko, children Yoshiko (adult daughter), Kenshi (adult son), and Hasumi (teenage daughter).

Personality: Kenji is extremely outgoing, friendly, and kind. He enjoys working with people, solving problems, and traveling. He cares very much about the people he deals with, and is quite generous. He has a keen sense of humor and a laid-back attitude; however, he is capable of a very firm hand when necessary.

Hobbies/interests: Besides figure skating, Kenji is an avid baseball fan; the Minnesota Twins and the Florida Marlins are his favorite teams, and he is infamous for organizing games among the skaters on tour. He loves music and art, and has a large collection of valuable paintings in both his home and office in Minneapolis. He is also very fond of panda bears.

Personal history: Kenji was born to a prosperous Japanese family in 1949. His family relocated to New York in 1956, and from that time he was raised in America. He attended college and earned a business degree, then married his childhood sweetheart and started a family.
His original career was that of a talent agent, and for several years he owned his own agency. He first came to love figure skating through his work, while representing several skaters, including Malcolm Redgrave. In 1995 Kenji retired, sold his agency to his partner, and began laying the groundwork for his own figure skating tour. A handful of skaters he had represented in the past signed on, and the Champion Blades Tour has been growing ever since.

Anything else:
Kenji's philosophy is to let the public get to know skaters as real people. He asks for a great deal of creative input from the skaters, and encourages them to interact with fans while on tour.
He speaks English, Japanese, French, and a little bit of Italian.
He became Malcolm Redgrave's agent in 1974, and they have been close friends ever since. After Malcolm's wife died, Kenji was one of his most devoted supporters.