Jamie Bowen
Mens - United States

Full name: James Douglas "Jamie" Bowen

Division: men, eligible

Representing: United States

Coach: Alexander Chevalier

Choreographers: Rebecca Woodward, Maxim Reznikov

Best skating element: Jamie is a well-rounded young skater, without any distinctive element, except perhaps his occasional Beillman spin. He has a very bright, upbeat skating style, but sometimes tends to imitate his cousin Eric Lansing.

Hometown: Wolf Creek, Montana

Birthdate: February 16, 1987

Height: 5'8"

Hair color: brown

Eye color: blue

Physical description: Jamie is wiry and thin. He looks a bit like a younger and scrawnier version of Eric Lansing, his second cousin. That family resemblance caused neighbors in Wolf Creek to call him "Little Eric", to Jamie's embarrassment--and private flattery.

Family: father, Greg (accountant); mother, Dale (homemaker); older brothers, Kevin and Brett; older sister, Tina; younger sister, Kacey; innumerable grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and so forth. (The Bowens are, after all, an offshoot of the highly prolific Lansing clan!)

Personality: Jamie is outgoing and carefree. Although talkative and quite often hyperactive, he is polite and well-mannered in the Lansing custom. Whether consciously or not, he takes after his hero Eric in some ways.

Hobbies/interests: Jamie is a typical teenage boy. He enjoys doing almost anything with friends, from skiing, surfing and basketball to going to the movies and playing video games. He loves comic books and superheroes. As a child he sang in a choir; he has a fine clear voice and still loves to sing, especially British/80s rock and pop, which he can imitate cleverly. In academics, he shifted around a bit in his studies before settling on marine biology, which he now enjoys.

Personal history: Jamie had a happy childhood as the second youngest of five children. From an early age he idolized his older relative, Eric Lansing, who always took him skating at the Wolf Den during visits from Ambrose. For years Jamie skated for fun, but he began having further thoughts about his hobby when Eric became successful. At the age of eleven Jamie began to apply himself seriously to the sport, leading to a bronze medal at Junior Nationals in 2002. Still flushed with that success when he watched Eric win an Olympic championship, he resolved to move to Ambrose and pursue skating full-time.

Anything else:
Jamie's good-luck charm is a Spider-Man action figure, which he always leaves sitting on the boards while he skates. However, his favorite superhero is Wolverine from "The X-Men", to whom he even paid homage in full costume with his 2003-2004 free skate.
Jamie likes exotic pets. He has two aquariums, an iguana named Freddy, and an agouti named Chippy.