Hiroshi Kitamura
Mens - Japan

Full name: Hiroshi Kitamura

Division: men, eligible

Representing: Japan

Hometown: Osaka, Japan

Coach: Malcolm Redgrave

Choreographer: Malcolm Redgrave, himself

Best skating element: Hiroshi has brilliant footwork, and since learning how to perform backflips, has become highly enamoured with them. He most enjoys comedy and sappy romantic programs; although he intends the latter as parodies, they have gained him a strong following among young girls.

Birthdate: April 23, 1983

Height: 5' 7"

Hair color: black

Eye color: black

Physical description: A wiry young Japanese man, with an expressive face.

Family: father, Takanori (lawyer); mother, Yasuko (homemaker); older brother Josuke, older sister Sashiko, younger brother Toshino.

Personality: Hiroshi was a very shy young man when he first came to Ambrose, but since then he has grown into an easygoing jokester with a laid-back, humorous demeanor. He tends to be disorganized, even messy. Off the ice he can be a bit lazy, but on the ice he is a hard worker. In spite of his tongue-in-cheek romantic programs, he is completely indifferent to romance in his personal life; he has a somewhat adolescent view of girls as fussy creatures who get in the way of the "guy thing". Although he has the best of intentions, trouble has a way of following him.

Hobbies/interests: Spoiled on electronics, Hiroshi spends a lot of his free time playing video games or watching movies and anime, usually with friends. If he can't find someone to hang out with, he surfs the internet.

Personal history: Hiroshi's older brother played hockey, so he often visited a local ice rink as a child. He dabbled in speed skating from age six, but did not begin to skate seriously until he turned to figure skating at age eight. He was highly talented, but he had a shy nature which held him back from major success.
Hiroshi's parents knew he had the makings of a great skater, and with their encouragement, he finally made the choice to move to America and train with the renowned Malcolm Redgrave. The decision paid off. Under Malcolm's guidance, Hiroshi learned how to entertain with his skating, and began to achieve success in competition.

Anything else:
Hiroshi and his training partner, Simon Westbrook, live with coach Malcolm Redgrave. The two skaters are usually found together. The impish, haphazard Japanese and the quiet, thoughtful Briton are an odd match, but the best of friends, and Hiro tends to bring out a sense of fun in Simon--for better or for worse.