Emilia Watson
Pairs - Great Britain

Full name: Emilia Louise Watson

Division: pairs, eligible (with Chance McKenna)

Representing: Great Britain

Coach: Tom Ashdown

Choreographer: Caelan O'Connor

Best skating element: Emilia is consistently skilled overall, but her strongest points are edge moves, footwork, and presentation. She has a natural instinct for elegant movement and positioning.

Hometown: Croydon, Surrey, England

Birthdate: May 1, 1985

Height: 5' 2"

Hair color: blonde

Eye color: blue

Physical description: petite, graceful, and swan-like, with large eyes and long hair. She is equally comfortable--and beautiful--in blue jeans or Victorian ballroom dresses. She loves jewelry, and often wears her own creations.

Family: parents, Roger Watson and Louise Bailey Watson (retired pairs skaters who won five British championships together, and are now coaches); older brother, Trevor (her former skating partner, now in college); paternal grandmother, Nora Watson.

Personality: Emilia is a ball of sunshine, cheerful and sweet, but also intelligent and headstrong. She enjoys learning and studying, her favorite subjects being history, literature, and languages. She has a playful streak, although she can also be somewhat bookish at times.

Hobbies/interests: dance, jewelrymaking, reading, English historical costume and reenactments.

Personal history: As the daughter of champion pairs skaters, Emilia was born into the sport. She and her brother began skating as soon as they could walk, although Emilia took it much more seriously than Trevor did. By the age of four, she was taking ballet lessons to enhance her skills. She even briefly considered giving up skating in favor of dance, but skating won out.
By the age of nine, Emilia had begun winning competitions. This inspired Trevor, who still skated for recreation, to sharpen his own skills. Their parents suggested they try skating pairs together, and the young Watsons quickly became a success. Over the next several years, they won a number of junior titles, and placed in the top ten at the senior British Nationals twice.
Unfortunately, Trevor did not mature as gracefully as Emilia. He had trouble adapting physically as he grew to adulthood, which frustrated him and lessened his interest in skating. Over the summer of 2003, he chose to retire and attend college. Emilia began to search for a new partner, but was unable to find anyone who matched her well and could satisfy the high standards of her parents, whose guidance she had turned to.
At the 2004 Olympics, Emilia met up with her godfather, Sir Malcolm Redgrave. Upon learning that she was without a partner, he invited her to come to America, where she would have a better chance of finding one. He also offered to arrange a place for her on the Champion Blades tour, skating solo, so that she could support herself financially. Emilia was reluctant to leave England and her parents, but they encouraged her to accept the offer of their old friend. After a month of thinking it over, she finally agreed, and set out for America.
While performing solo on tour, Emilia was contacted by former competitive rival Chance McKenna, whose partner had retired due to injury. The two arranged to meet, and decided to team up soon afterward.

Anything else:
Emilia speaks French and Latin.
She has a fondness for smiley faces. She collects objects with smiley face motifs, and draws them on everything she writes.
Malcolm Redgrave, Emilia's godfather, was a teammate and friend of her parents during the 1970s.
Upon first arriving in Ambrose, Emilia took up temporary residence in Malcolm's house. As he already had two male students boarding with him, this made for a very interesting situation.