Caelan O'Connor
Choreographer - Northern Ireland

Full name: Caelan Niall O'Connor

Country of origin: Northern Ireland

Skating accomplishments: 6-time British National medalist (gold 1995-1996; silver 1993; bronze 1991, 1992, 1994)

Choreographer since: 1998

Clients: Watson & McKenna (GBR); Hawkins & Reznikov (USA)

Hometown: Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Birthdate: September 30, 1972

Height: 5' 10"

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Physical description: youthful, wiry and somewhat impish, with an open, expressive face. He tends to be quite energetic and animated.

Family: father, Alexander Chevalier; half-sister, Jeanette Chevalier; grandmother, Priscilla Chevalier; stepmother, Roberta Fleming Chevalier; stepsisters, Sandra and Denise Chevalier; stepfather, Patrick Milligan. (His mother, Maureen O'Connor, is deceased.)

Personality: Caelan's typical demeanor is like a non-stop caffeine high. He is aggressively cheerful and energetic, and although he knows when to be serious, he will not remain so for a moment longer than is necessary. He has an avant-garde creativity that serves him well in his work. He is somewhat easily amused.

Hobbies/Interests: Caelan is an accomplished photographer, and has had photos published in a variety of magazines. He first took up that hobby in order to photograph his large and expensive collection of orchids, which he dotes on almost as though they were his children. He also dabbles in a few other forms of gardening.

Personal history: Caelan's mother, skating coach Maureen O'Connor, married her twenty-year-old student Alex Chevalier in 1971. (She was thirty-one.) Within a year, they both had decided that the marriage was a mistake; they divorced and separated on good terms early in 1972.
Maureen learned soon afterward that she was pregnant. A proud woman, she never informed Alex. She returned to her hometown in Northern Ireland, where Caelan was born later that year. A few years later, she remarried. Her husband Patrick raised Caelan as his own son, and although he and Maureen separated when Caelan was fourteen, they remained close.
Maureen became the manager and instructor at a small local rink, where Caelan began skating as soon as he could walk. His talent became increasingly evident as he grew older, and in 1989 his mother sent him to America--both to avoid the violence occurring in Ireland, and to train with Malcolm Redgrave. At the time, Malcolm had few students, other than a gifted youth named Eric Lansing.
Caelan became Malcolm's first prominent student, gaining six British national medals (including two gold) between 1991 and 1996. After winning his second national title at age 23, he decided that he wanted to gain an education while he was still young. He went to Scotland to attend university, where he began studying business. However, watching the 1998 Olympics made him realize how much he missed skating, and he abandoned his studies to become a skating choreographer. Over the next five years, he worked for several ice shows in Europe.
In October of 2003, Caelan's mother Maureen passed away due to a heart attack. While sorting out her papers, he found a journal which revealed the identity of his father. He harbored no anger toward Alex, who he understood had never known about him, but he decided to go to America in hopes of establishing a relationship.
His introduction to Alex came via his old coach, Malcolm Redgrave. Alex was stunned by Caelan's revelation, but accepted him gladly, as did Alex's large family. Subsequently, Caelan settled down in Ambrose to work as a choreographer there.
Anything else:
Caelan bought and now resides in the Lincoln Hills apartment where his former training partner, Eric Lansing, lived before his marriage. The balcony has been converted into a greenhouse for Caelan's orchids.
Since becoming a part of his father's family, Caelan has grown highly protective of his stepsisters, and especially his half-sister Jeanette. Her young suitor Simon Westbrook, however, has won his guarded approval.
Caelan regrets his decision to end his competitive career when he did, though he appreciates the other opportunities he took advantage of. He became out of practice in skating during his time at university; since becoming a choreographer, he has regained a few double jumps, but skates only for recreation because his skills are not performance quality.