(Arranged in chronological order)

Of Fathers and Sons
February 2004: Malcolm confronts Simon's father during the Olympics.

The Gift
December 2003: Rebecca has a Christmas surprise for Eric.

December 2003: A young man arrives from Ireland with startling news for Alex.

Guy Talk
November 2003: Eric counsels Jamie about his relationship with a girl.

Lightning Crashes
September 2003: Inola and Maxim share a dance at Eric and Rebecca's wedding.

Good Shepherds
January 2003: Alex gets his first tour of the Ambrose Skating Club.

A Friend in Need
January 2003: Malcolm rediscovers his old friend and competitor, Alex Chevalier.

Three Weeks in January
January 2003: Eric redefines his life and love during a rest leave.

Home for the Holidays
December 2002: Returning to his roots for Christmas, Eric meets Rebecca.

Nowhere to Run
December 2002: Hannah's old partner Maxim reappears in her life.

September 2002: Malcolm and Hannah reflect on love and loss.

Breaking in Hannah
June 2002: Malcolm and Hannah challenge each other at their first meeting.

Wherever You Will Go
February 2002: Eric's Olympic exhibition is a special gift for Malcolm.

The Last Mile
February 2002: Eric gives the performance of his life at the Olympics.

Crossing Paths
November 2001: Inola receives a word of advice from Hannah.

September 1986: The bereaved Malcolm finds a new reason to live.

Ghosts of Chatham
January 1985: Malcolm makes a fateful decision on his late wife's birthday.