The following is my personal cast of characters from the Ambrose Skating Club. Clicking on their names will take you to their profiles. Official websites, where available, can be found by clicking on the character's photo.

Malcolm Redgrave: AFSC head coach - Great Britain
Alexander Chevalier: AFSC assistant head coach - Great Britain
Caelan O'Connor: choreographer - Northern Ireland
Rebecca Woodward Lansing: choreographer - United States
Eric Scott Lansing: men's singles - United States
Hiroshi Kitamura: men's singles - Japan
Simon Westbrook: men's singles - Great Britain
Jamie Bowen: men's singles - United States
Hannah Zahavi: ladies singles - Israel
Inola Hawkins: pairs, with Maxim Reznikov - United States
Maxim Reznikov: pairs, with Inola Hawkins - United States
Emilia Watson: pairs, with Chance McKenna - Great Britain
Chance McKenna: pairs, with Emilia Watson - Great Britain

Kenji Tokuda: Champion Blades tour manager - United States