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In 1801, roguish American spy Jack Stiles is sent to the island of Pulau Pulau to thwart Emperor Napoleon’s expansion in the East Indies. There Jack teams up with his British counterpart, the brainy and beautiful Emilia Rothschild, to fight for justice—and he finds a perfect cover in the guise of the Daring Dragoon, mythical hero of the island natives.

Airing for 22 episodes in 2000, "Jack of All Trades" is a unique television series that defies categorization: it’s part comedy and all adventure, with a creative dash of steampunk for good measure. Bruce Campbell stars as the wisecracking, swordfighting Jack, with costars Angela Dotchin as Emilia, Stuart Devenie as Governor Croque, Stephen Papps as Captain Brogard, and Verne Troyer as Napoleon.

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