formulated by Jordanna Morgan

If you’ve been around many online forums, you might have come across some form of “geek code” in someone’s signature. Geek codes are long strings of abbreviations that express various statistics about the user, and are generally oriented to a specific fandom or interest. Their purpose is twofold:

(1) To communicate information about yourself to those who share your interests, in a very compact and usually esoteric way.

(2) To look cool and be an entertaining waste of time. *shrug*

There are a number of geek codes out there; they’ve been written for techies, furries, comic-book fans, and so on. However, it occurred to me that there was no code for classic film fans. In the interest of hopefully giving fellow fans a new tool to connect with one another (or just a new tool for procrastination at work), I decided to do something about that. The following code is the result.

Other codes tend to have a section about the user’s real-life physical appearance, but I felt that a lot of people wouldn’t care to go into details of that kind, so I omitted them here. However, if they are wanted, I will include those subjects in an updated version. They would always be optional, in any case.

Anyway, let’s proceed! To create your personalized Classic Film Geek Code, simply follow the formula below. At each step, I have offered my own code as an illustration.

Part I: It’s All About Me

This first part of the code will tell your fellow Classic Film Geeks a few of the really important things about your life apart from classic films. (That is, if there is such a thing.)

1. Code Designation

Begin your code with the following letters:


This indicates that this is Version 1.0 of the Classic Film Geek Code.

My code: CFGv1.0

2. Gender and Relationship Status

So here we start with the basics: fangirl or fanboy? Add the appropriate designation to your code.

Sf = female
Sm = male
S? = undisclosed

You may add any of the following modifiers that apply:

s = single
m = married
d = divorced
e = engaged
r = relationship
k = kids (If you want, you can add the number of children you have. Example: k2)
f = my significant other is a fictional character

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf

3. Age

Like pretty much everything else in the code, this section is optional; however, a lot of people like to know if they’re talking to someone younger or older than they are. Don’t worry, there’s still room to be vague!

A+++ : 50+ years
A++ : 40-49 years
A+ : 30-39 years
A : 20-29 years
A- : 10-19 years
A-- : Under 10 years
A# = Undisclosed

If you prefer, you can indicate your exact age by following the A with the appropriate number. Example: A32

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A

4. Your Job in “Real Life”

How do you earn money to buy more classic film DVDs (as well as frivolities like food and rent)? Type the letter J, then add the following qualifier(s) that best applies to you. If you have more than one occupation, separate them with a slash (example: Jcm/on).

ar = Armed Forces/Military
as = Applied Sciences
ba = Business/Accountancy
bm = Business/Management
cl = Clothing Design/Production
cm = Communications/Media
cn = Construction
ct = Computers/Information Technology
de = Data Entry
ed = Education
en = Engineering
fa = Fine Arts
fi = Finance/Banking
fm = Film Industry
fr = Farming
gd = Graphic Design/Commercial Arts
go = Government
hm = Homemaker
hs = High School (if you’re still there)
hu = Humanities
im = Photography/Image Creation
ju = Jurisprudence/Law
ls = Life Sciences (not counting medicine)
ma = Manual Arts (woodwork, metalwork, etc.)
md = Medicine
mt = Math
mu = Music
on = Online (sales, site maintenance, etc.)
ps = Physical Science
re = Retail
rl = Real Estate & Property-Related
sb = Small Business
sc = Secretary/Clerk/Administrative Assistant
ss = Social Science
st = Student (beyond high school level)
td = Tradesman/woman
th = Theater
tl = Telemarketing
tr = Transport
wa = Warehouse/Inventory
wl = Writing: Literature/Creative
wt = Writing: Technical
zz = Other
-- = Unemployed
# = Undisclosed

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc

Part II: Putting the Film in “Classic Film Geek”

5. Age of Conversion

How old where you when you got hooked on classic films? Just add the approximate number for that age to the suffix a (ie. a11, a21).

Other variations:

a? = I don’t remember
a! = I’ve always been into classic films!

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13

6. Method of Conversion

How did you first discover classic films? Type an M and follow it with one or more of these modifiers:

f = I inherited an appreciation of them from family/friends
s = I came across them while channel surfing
h = I heard something good about one or more
r = I rented one or more
c = I saw one or more DVD/video covers that looked interesting
g = I wanted to see what older movies in my favorite genre(s) were like
o = I thought I was tuning in to a remake, but it turned out to be the original
? = I don’t know, it just happened
! = I saw classic films when they were in the theaters!

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf

7. Level of Fandom

So just how big of a classic film fan are you?

L+++ = I must see every classic film ever made!
L++ = I must see every classic film my favorite stars ever appeared in!
L+ = I enjoy watching classic films quite a bit.
L = Classic films are generally pretty good.
L- = I like a few classic films, but I don’t care for the rest.

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++

8. Viewing Habits

How many classic films do you watch on average?

V+++ = I watch 10 or more classic films a week
V++ = I watch 5-10 classic films a week
V+ = I watch a couple of classic films a week
V = I watch roughly one classic film a week
V- = I watch a few classic films a month
V -- = I watch roughly one classic film a month or less

Additional modifier:
# = I’d watch even more classic films if I had the time!

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++#

9. Collecting Habits

Proud of your classic film library? How big is it, and how do you add to it?

C+++ = I have more classic films than all the rental places in town put together
C++ = I have boxes full of classic films
C+ = I have a stack/shelf of classic films
C = I have a handful of classic films
C- = Well, I dust off a tape of It’s A Wonderful Life every Christmas…

Add any of the following qualifiers that apply:

c = Collecting classic films (DVDs/videos, posters, books, memorabilia) is a way of life
r = I go through blank tapes/DVDs like water, recording classic movies from television
t = I trade classic films with other fans (through eBay, tape trade lists, etc.)
s = My collection is shared with someone else (spouse, parent, sibling, friend, etc.)
u = I used to have a lot more classic movies…

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt

10. You Vs. The Unenlightened

How open are you about your classic film fandom?

O+++ = I want the world to know!
O++ = Anyone who know me knows that I’m into them.
O+ = If you ask me, I’ll tell you.
O = I try to avoid the subject.
O- = I won’t admit it even when directly asked.

Add any of the following modifiers that apply:

c = I’ve converted others to the fandom
d = I’ve actively defended classic films to The Unenlightened
f = I regularly dress in the fashions of my favorite classic film era(s)
h = I’ve gone to a party or trick-or-treating as a classic film character
k = I’m known/dreaded at the local movie rental shop
s = I’m shy about being caught with my “fix”

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd

11. Favorite Classic Film Eras

Classic films cover a major span of cinema history. This section will indicate what decade(s) you most enjoy the films of. Simply type a D and follow it with one or more of the qualifiers below. (Note: I personally consider the 1960s to be the end of true classic films, but if you think of any movies beyond that as classics, you may include later decades using the same formula.)

1 = 1910s
2 = 1920s
3 = 1930s
4 = 1940s
5 = 1950s
6 = 1960s
+ = all eras

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34

12. Favorite Genres

To indicate your favorite classic film genre(s), type a G and add any of the following qualifiers. If you list more than one, separate them with a slash.

ad = Adventure
cm = Comedy
cr = Crime/Gangster
dr = Drama
fa = Fantasy
fn = Film Noir
fr = Foreign
hr = Horror
hs = Historical
ms = Mystery
mu = Musical
rm = Romance
sf = Science Fiction
sp = Suspense/Thriller
tr = Tragedy
wr = War
ws = Western
x = other
! = all genres

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34 Ghr/cr/ms/fa

13. Favorite Stars

This section can help indicate (or at least give your fellow Geeks a good guess at) who a few of your favorite classic film stars are.

Type an F followed by the lowercase initials of your favorite stars. Separate each star’s initials with a slash. Example: Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, and James Stewart would be Fcg/kh/js. You’re free to include as many as you like; just remember, you may not be too popular if your code takes up half a page in a message-board signature. ;) If you have too many favorites, you might just want to type F! (meaning “I love all classic film stars!”).

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34 Ghr/cr/ms/ fa Fdk/jc/fm/cr/pc

You can stop constructing your code right here if you want; we’ve covered your vital statistics and classic film fandom. But if you’d like to add a little something about a few other common interests, read on.

14. Pets

To indicate the number and type of pets you have, type a P, then follow it with the appropriate qualifier(s) for what species and how many.

f = Fish
d = Dog
c = Cat
b = Bird
e = Ferret
r = Rodent (hamster, guinea pig, gerbil, etc.)
p = Reptile (iguana, snake, turtle, etc.)
h = Horse
l = Livestock (goat, sheep, cow, etc.)
x = Other

You can follow those qualifiers with a number to indicate how many of the animals you have. (Obviously, this need not apply to fish.) If you actually have too large or too variable a number to count—or you just feel like you have a zoo—you can substitute an ! for the number. You can even add ! in place of the species qualifiers (i.e., typing P! would mean that you have numerous animals of several types).

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34 Ghr/cr/ms/fa Fdk/jc/fm/cr/pc Pc1

15. Computers and Internet

If you didn’t have computer access, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. This section can be used to indicate how addicted you are to the web.

I+++ = There was no life before the internet.
I++ = Classic films are my only incentive to get off the computer.
I+ = I find computers to be useful and fun, at work and at home.
I = I like playing a few games and looking at pictures on them, sure.
I- = I could live without a computer. Really.

Add any of the following modifiers that apply:

w = I have one or more webpage(s)
b = I have one or more blog(s)
c = I run one or more communities or forums
f = At least one of my pages/blogs/forums is related to classic films

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34 Ghr/cr/ms/fa Fdk/jc/fm/cr/pc Pc1 I++wbcf

16. Television

Please note, this applies to television viewing that does not have to do with classic films. ;)

TV+++ = My TV hasn’t been turned off in years.
TV++ = If I miss a favorite show, I have a tantrum, then plead with my friends for a tape of it.
TV+ = I have the TV on a lot, but most of the time it’s just background noise.
TV = I watch TV when I’m bored.
TV- = There are a few shows I watch sometimes, but I don’t care for most of this modern junk.
TV-- = I may turn on the news in the event of a natural disaster.
TV--- = My only reason for having a television is to watch classic movies.

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34 Ghr/cr/ms/fa Fdk/jc/fm/cr/pc Pc1 I++wbcf TV+

17. Reading

What kind of literature do you read, and how much?

R+++ = I have a book in my hand from the time I get up to the time I go to bed.
R++ = I try to take in one or two books a month.
R+ = I like to read, but I don’t have as much time for it as I’d like to.
R = I may read if there isn’t a TV around.
R- = I only read what I have to for work/school.

Add any of the following modifiers to indicate your favorite literary genres. If you list more than one, separate them with a slash.

ad = Adventure
bs = Best-Sellers
cb = Children’s Books
cl = Classics
ed = Educational
ff = Fanfiction
fn = Fantasy
gf = General/Uncategorized Fiction
hs = Historical
hr = Horror
hu = Humor
in = Intrigue
mg = Magazines
ms = Mystery
nw = Newspapers
nf = Non-Fiction
rg = Religious
rm = Romance
sf = Science Fiction
tr = Travel
ws = Western
ya = Young Adult
x = Other

Add an * if you do more than half of your recreational reading (fanfiction, downloaded books, news articles, etc.) on your computer.

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34 Ghr/cr/ms/fa Fdk/jc/fm/cr/pc Pc1 I++wbcf TV+ R+ff/ms/fn

18. Music

What kind of music do you like? Type an M, then add any of the following qualifiers to indicate your favorite music genre(s). If you list more than one, separate them with a slash.

bl = Blues
cc = Contemporary Christian
cl =Classical
cn = Country
el = Electronica/Trance
et = Ethnic/Cultural
fk = Folk
gr = Grunge
jz = Jazz
mt = Metal
na = New Age
od = Oldies
op = Opera
pp = Pop
rg = Reggae
rk = Rock
rl = Religious
rp = Rap/Hiphop
sh = Showtunes
st = Soundtracks
sw = Swing
x = Other
! = If it has a rhythm, I like it!

My code: CFGv1.0 Sfsf A Jsc a13 Mgf L++ V++# C+++crt O+++cd D34 Ghr/cr/ms/fa Fdk/jc/fm/cr/pc Pc1 I++wbcf TV+ R+ff/ms/fn Mrk/cc/el/na

And there you have it—if you’ve made it this far, your Classic Film Geek Code is complete!

Of course, this is only version 1.0 of the code. I’m open to suggestions for what could be added to it, and if I receive some good ones, I’ll update it. So if you have something to suggest, email me!

Credit where it’s due: this code was adapted from the Comic Book Geek Code.